Creating positive change

Once the MDC/Richmond American Homes Foundation was established in 1999, the focus on giving gained momentum. In the first year alone, the Foundation gave a total of $250,000, with funds going to The Denver Campus of Jewish Education, the Tennyson Center for Children and the Gold Crown Foundation.

Directing funding where it was needed most became a streamlined process and the Foundation was able to act quickly in times of crisis. In 2010, following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Colorado governor Bill Ritter organized a mission to bring 32 orphans in the final stages of adoption safely home to new parents. The Foundation was quick to lend financial support and helped make the governor’s mission possible.

Since inception, millions of dollars have been aimed at creating positive change by helping organizations that share our passion for making a difference. Always searching for new and innovative ways to deepen its impact and broaden its reach, the Foundation restructured in 2016 to align with Lion Global Foundation. Together, they have expanded their opportunities to engage in effective philanthropy.

Learn more about the organizations we’ve helped through the years in our community report:

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